Fall 2020 Update

Hi friends,

Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy in these challenging times.

We know we have been fairly quiet for much of this year, and we wanted to send out a little notice to let you know what our plans are moving forward.

Although we had intended to relaunch with our Holiday 2020 Box, it is with heavy hearts that we hereby announce that we will not be relaunching our quarterly boxes or continuing operations past December 2020. The pause in our operations and the changes that have occurred in the world since March of this year have allowed us ample time to reflect on our priorities and our brand identity at Good Stuff, and we have come to the conclusion that shutting down our operations is the best path forward.

We wanted to create a network of Canadian change-makers – consumers and producers alike – but have determined upon deep reflection that a subscription model is not necessarily the best way to achieve this. There are other angles we could take, yes, and while we did consider some of those options, we have decided at this point that we’d like to devote our time and resources to supporting other brands currently operating in this space, rather than potentially competing with them.

Unfortunately, intention and belief in a mission are not enough to maintain a business. Throughout our year and a half in operation, we hustled to push sales and consistently reach new customers, but the push to ‘sell, sell, sell’ felt like it ran counter to our identity and was, frankly, exhausting. The unexpected break in March of this year was a surprising reprieve to our tired team, and led us into some deep reflection regarding what we wanted Good Stuff to be.

We still believe in the message of Good Stuff: that individual products and purchases can make a difference and that conscious consumption can be a part of a healthy economy and society. We believe in our product partners and their missions to make the world a better place, and we encourage you to continue to seek out and support these businesses as they work so hard to offer better, healthier, more ethical alternatives to everyday products. After all, we vote with our dollars.

We will continue to offer our Build Your Own Box collection on sale until the end of the year, so that you can stock up on your favourite items or build custom gift boxes for friends and loved ones. (Holiday delivery and gift-wrapping available). We will also be stocking it with some new items soon, as we had already made commitments to some suppliers for Holiday Box items, and we wish to hold true to those promises. 

So, what does this mean if you have an existing subscription to Good Stuff?

  • If you are a Seasonal Subscriber and pay for your boxes quarterly, your subscription will simply not be renewed. Your account will be cancelled, and there will be no further automatic charges made to your credit card. If you wish to order products from our Build Your Own Box collection, you will still be able to do so with your existing login details.
  • If you are an Annual Subscriber and have pre-paid for a year of boxes, you will have two options. We ask that you please contact us to indicate your preference as soon as possible. You can either:
    1. receive a refund for the number of boxes still owing (e.g. if you paid for a year of boxes and only received two so far, you would be issued a refund equivalent to the value of the two remaining boxes) OR
    2. receive a store credit for use in our Build Your Own Box collection, either for one box of product for yourself, one or more products/boxes sent as gifts to loved ones (great for the holidays), or a combination of the two (stock up on your favourite product, AND send a special something to that special someone)

We want to offer a sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has supported and encouraged us throughout this journey. We could not have done it without you, and we hope we made you proud.

If you have any questions for our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

With many thanks and much love,

- Good Stuff

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