Introducing Ardor + Wild

Now that our second quarter boxes have started shipping out, we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the fabulous people at Ardor + Wild, one of our June Box partners.

Spoiler alert! This post includes a sneak peek of one of the June Box products. If you want to keep it a surprise, we recommend waiting to read this post until later.

Ardor + Wild is an eco-friendly apparel brand that has a passion for the care and future of our planet, and all of its ecosystems. Their sales support the work of the David Suzuki Foundation, with 5% of their profits directly donated to the cause.

Ardor + Wild was founded by a husband and wife team who had a dream of creating something that meant something. They believed that fast fashion needed to be phased out, and that slow fashion needed to become the new norm. They viewed this as crucial in sustaining our earth, as mass produced clothing is not often made ethically, often doesn’t hold the best quality, and can be made with materials that are not derived from eco-friendly sources which then leads to depletion of resources, pollution, and a lot of dead stock. They wanted to help change the standards of how clothing and other apparel are made and sold, and to give back to our planet while doing so.

They now sell curated, vintage, and pre-loved goods, such as the Earth Hat featured in the June Good Stuff box on their website

image of black Ardor and Wild Earth hat on mossy rock with a sunny forest in the background

The Earth Hat

Made locally in British Columbia, the Earth Hat is Ardor + Wild's first feature product. Made with 100% organic cotton and featuring a classic baseball cap fit, this product is sure to be your new summer go-to. 

The image on the front of the hat was designed by the team at Ardor + Wild, and is based on one of the four classical elements in alchemy. The four elements being earth, air, fire, and water - they of course chose to design their logo based on the symbol for Earth.

They knew they wanted to focus their design on simplicity, as well as on something unique and meaningful. They also knew their brand would always be keeping the Earth in mind, and so felt it suited to have it represented in their logo & on their first product.

Get your Earth Hat today by purchasing either a seasonal or annual Good Stuff Box subscription.


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