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ZLT Hope Homes

Zawadi La Tumaini, or ZLT Hope Homes, was founded in 2013 to provide a home for orphaned and abandoned children in Nairobi, Kenya. ZLT currently has 27 children in its care, ranging in age from 3 – 22.

ZLT was founded by Jacqueline Villeneuve, who began volunteering in Kenya in 2009 at the age of 15. Her first trip was all it took to spark in her a desire to learn, explore, and design. She returned to Kenya at 16 to volunteer in a children’s home. Unfortunately, that trip exposed her to the corruption that existed within the orphan care community at that time. This led to a burning passion for child protection, and the desire to work alongside Kenyan partners to provide children with holistic care in a loving family environment; plans for ZLT soon followed.

image of ZLT founder, Jacqueline Villeneuve, standing with four of the ZLT children who are making silly faces image of ZLT founder, Jacqueline Villeneuve, wearing shirt that reads 'family is more than blood', standing outside the ZLT home with five of the children image of Jacqueline sitting on brick walkway, surrounded by ZLT children who are playing with her hair image of ZLT founder, Jacqueline, standing outside in Kenya, holding child in her arms

Jacqueline now splits her time between Canada and Kenya, providing guidance, oversight, and fundraising support to the organization. ZLT also has a team of on-the-ground staff including house mothers, cooks, and others who provide 24/7 care to the children.

ZLT believes in providing their children with proper nutrition, education, and health care in a holistic environment that builds strong family bonds. Their goal is to raise their children to become responsible and dignified adults, with core values that will empower them to become successful and contributing members of society.

image of ZLT house mother holding one of their children in the air outside the ZLT home image of three ZLT girls standing outside on brick walkway in their school uniforms image of two ZLT boys wearing their pyjamas, sitting together on a chair, laughing image of three ZLT children standing at chalkboard, practicing writing their names

Despite the difficult backgrounds their children have faced prior to joining the ZLT family, they believe there is hope for the future. They employ a variety of therapy and rehabilitation techniques to ensure that their children can heal and find their inner peace. Restoring dignity is an important pillar of their organization. They believe all children deserve to grow up in a safe, loving, and supportive environment where their human rights are protected.

ZLT follows a family-based care model which is maintained by having a maximum of 30 children under their care at all times, hiring dedicated ‘mamas’ to care for the children, and ensuring that the home is an environment where their children can not only survive, but thrive. They believe that the success of a children’s home is measured in the quality of care provided, rather than the number of children assisted with basic care.

image of one of the ZLT children smiling up at the camera while standing outside on a brick pathway image of ZLT girl standing outside smiling, with trees and walkway in the background 

image of two ZLT boys standing against a wall with arms around one another's shoulders image of a child from ZLT, looking up at camera and holding a ball in her left hand   

ZLT provides long term care solutions by supporting their children from their arrival at ZLT through to graduation from a post-secondary institution. Following graduation, children are supported financially for one year while ZLT assists with CV revisions and job placements.

In 2019, ZLT is expanding their operations to provide rescue and a safe home environment for children who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Good Stuff is proud to partner with this amazing organization working hard to provide a loving home and ensure the dignity of its children. From today until March 31, all proceeds from the sale of Good Stuff stickers will go directly towards ZLT. To find out more about ZLT, check out their website here:

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