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The new year is in full-swing, and here at Good Stuff we're already looking forward to Spring. Don't get us wrong, we love skiing through the white stuff as much as the next person, but even Canadians can only take so much winter, right?

Spring is a time of renewal, of growth, and of new beginnings. Our Spring 2020 Box tries to capture that feeling with exciting products from a new batch of partners that we're absolutely thrilled to be working with. Please note that we only have a limited number of Spring boxes available, and many have already been claimed by annual subscribers, so be sure act fast to get yours before they're all gone.

You can order a Spring 2020 Box either as a Seasonal Subscription (pay-as-you-go, no penalty for cancelling) or an Annual Subscription (pre-pay for four boxes and save $20). We offer free pickup to our friends on Manitoulin Island, or flat-rate shipping anywhere in Canada. We can also offer gift subscriptions, which you can set up by simply putting your information in the billing section of checkout and your intended recipient's information in the shipping section. We'll add a little note to let your loved one know where their gift came from. If you'd like us to include anything extra on that note, just leave us a little message in the 'Notes to Seller' section.

Also, just a reminder that you can also build yourself a custom Good Stuff Box with our new Build Your Own Box collection, available here. This collection features customer favourites from our four 2019 boxes, and can be used to make a box just the way you like it. (These boxes are sold separately from any existing subscription plans).

Now, without further ado, let us introduce our 2020 Spring Box partners [SPOILER ALERT] ...

Harmonic Arts

Their mission?

To share the healing power of plant medicines.

Their story?

Founded in 2008 by Clinical Herbalists Yarrow and Angela Willard,  their passion for the medicinal power of plants inspires them to evolve their diverse botanical dispensary and develop a wide offering of unique herbal formulations. 

Through quality products and education, they aim to inspire a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Respecting people and the planet is their top priority, leading them to always use the best ingredients and the most sustainable option available in their packaging and sourcing. 

As part of their commitment to the planet, Harmonic Arts donates over 1% of their elixir and tea profits to protecting their local Cumberland Forest from logging. To date, they have raised over $15,000 in support of this stunningly biodiverse ecosystem.

Each Spring 2020 Box contains a canister of Harmonic Arts' 5 Mushroom Chocolate Elixir. Think of it as a deeply rich and restorative hot cocoa, perfect for the last of these cold winter nights. Packed with raw cacao, organic coconut sugar, and five medicinal mushrooms, this elixir is just what the doctor ordered. Drink it hot or cold, with water or your favourite plant mylk for a soothing beverage that is sure to please.


Their mission?

To provide a healthy non-toxic alternative to harsh chemical products and help their community achieve a natural healthy and happy lifestyle.

Their story?

When Mai Mowrey's brother was diagnosed with cancer she learned of toxins found in everyday personal care products and their negative impact on our health. As a result, she began looking for alternatives for her family to use and found healthier options were either non-existent or inaccessible. Dissatisfied, she set out to change that.

Mai began a period of intense research. Her new knowledge led her to use only top-quality 100% natural ingredients that she knew were safe. She then meticulously formulated many of the wonderful Scentuals products available today and officially founded Scentuals in 2008.

Today, Scentuals continues to grow internationally while maintaining their "from our family to yours" approach of developing safe products. 

Every Spring 2020 Good Stuff Box will feature one of Scentual's full-sized hand repair creams. Specially formulated to protect and moisturize dry hard working hands, and handcrafted to repair and restore with 100% natural and organic ingredients, this rich and rapid-absorbing hand cream deeply nourishes skin with Shea butter and Cocoa butter leaving skin feeling silky smooth. Enriched with Organic Argan, Sweet Almond oil and Aloe, this lotion is perfect for healing dry winter skin.

And just in case that wasn't good enough, this product is certified fair trade, cruelty-free, vegan, and comes in a recyclable tube. What's not to love?

Stray & Wander 

Their mission?

To bring beautiful handmade and fair trade products to the global marketplace, and helping to preserve the ancient traditions behind these art forms.

Their story?

Stray & Wander offers a curated collection of ethically sourced products from around the globe. They work with women’s cooperatives, family-run businesses and individual artisans. They value the amount of energy and skill that goes into creating these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Their philosophy is simple: buy directly from the artisans who make their products, with the artisans setting the prices and being paid fairly for their work. 

Their products are made one at time by hand. They value traditional methods of production, and believe in buying ethically and buying less. They believe in the beauty of imperfection, and think that handmade products carry within them the energies of their maker. They believe in supporting women and helping to create sustainable livelihoods for people living in rural communities around the world. They believe in giving back to the communities where their partners work and live. They believe that there are ethical ways of doing business, and work hard to ensure that their business operates in these ways.

Each Spring 2020 Box features one of their beautiful Marin Hand Towels. Traditionally used for Hammam (Turkish baths), these towels are now widely used in spas, on the beach, and in the home. Turkish cotton comes from a medium fibre cotton plant which provides the perfect balance between absorbency and quick drying. The more you wash your towel the softer it becomes. 

Hungry Buddha

Their mission?

To share delicious, nutritious, and sustainable coconut products with the world.

Their story?

At Buddha Brands, the mighty coconut is king. 

Coconuts are super sustainable, since they require so little water to grow. They’re also as healthy as fruits come, since they’re sources of healthy fats, essential vitamins and minerals.

From a single coconut fruit, you can eat the coconut fruit and oil, drink coconut water and milk, use the coconut husk and oil for clean biofuel, and use the fibres to make shelter, clothing, and so much more. Talk about a superfood!

Every Spring 2020 Good Stuff Box will feature a bag of Hungry Buddha's Sriracha Coconut Chips. GMO-free, vegan-certified, and naturally gluten-free, these chips are great for snacking on their own, or added to salads or trail mix for an added spicy crunch. How will you eat yours?

Duckish Skincare

Their mission?

To create the greatest possible positive impact

Their story?

Way back in 2010, two strangers, Carolyn and Josh, met in their first class at business school. A few years later, with a degree under their belts and no longer strangers, they decided to build something of their own. Two somethings, actually: a family and a business.

The idea for the business came from Carolyn’s desire to make a clean, petroleum-free diaper cream for her brand new nephew. With a ton of research, experimentation and feedback, Carolyn went on to develop more great products, for people big and small! But what all those products have in common, whether they’re for bath, body or baby, is being 100% made from effective, worry-free, all-natural ingredients.

They're also passionate about giving back, having hired staff through the Halifax YWCA’s Launch Program (a program for young women experiencing multiple barriers to employment), partnered on fundraising efforts for the Halifax affiliate of Dress for Success (whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence), and contributed to Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis and Chrysalis House (which both provide shelter and outreach services for women and children in need).

Every Spring 2020 Good Stuff Box will feature a two-pack of Duckish's infamous bath bombs. These bombs are dye-free, glitter-free, and perfectly portioned. Don't have a tub or not into baths? No worries. These bombs also work great as a foot soak or as an aromatherapy shower bomb.

What's in a name?

Duckish is a word used in Carolyn’s native Newfoundland to refer to dusk or twilight. Not only is it her favourite time of day, it’s also when you might treat yourself to a well-salted bath or rub a little body butter on your aching feet.

Boot Rescue

Their mission?

To create an all-natural product to keep shoes, boots, bags, and more looking great through harsh Canadian winters.

Their story?

Designed and founded by a Canadian shoe lover who was often frustrated by salt and mud ruining her prized possessions, Boot Rescue products keep shoes, boots and bags around the world damage-free and looking gorgeous, regardless of the conditions.

Every Spring 2020 Box will include a pack of Boot Rescue's boot wipes. Use these wipes to help remove salt stains (always a struggle!) and bring your favourite boots back to life. No need to let a little winter salt ruin your day.

Charity Partner: One Tree Planted

And finally, just a reminder that our charity partner for this year is none other than the amazing One Tree Planted. Read more about our partnership here, and purchase your Good Stuff Box today to help plant trees around the world. The equation is simple: one box purchased = one tree planted. Check out the video below to learn more about the important work they are doing. 

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