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Okay, so where exactly did the summer go? It's almost September, which means it's time for us to introduce you to our September box partners. We're so thrilled to be working with these amazing organizations, and we're thrilled to share them here with you.

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Now without further ado, our September Box partners...

Full Products

Flagbarer Kaumajet Pouch by EcoEquitable

Flagbarer is the flagship line of EcoEquitable, an Ottawa-area nonprofit that offers sewing training to immigrant, marginalized, and underemployed women. All Flagbarer products are made in EcoEquitable's Vanier-Ottawa studio by 'Sewing for Jobs' alumni.

Flagbarer encompasses all of the things which make Canada the envy of the world; hard work, community, iconic scenery, and craftsmanship. Their materials of choice are elaborately designed nylon flags which are recycled to make Flagbarer products, helping EcoEquitable to recycle over 10,000 pounds of textiles annually.

This versatile pouch is a clutch, a makeup bag, a digital organizer and so much more. Elegant and simple with an upcycled flag exterior detailing and interior lining. The zippered top keeps things firmly inside. The exterior loop makes this pouch an easy clutch for evening wear. Easily fits an iPad or tablet.

All Flagbarer pieces are made with upcycled Ottawa area flags that represent the city's rich history - from commemorative flags such as the 100 year anniversary of suffrage, 50 years of our Canadian flag, to provincial flowers and animals. Each is unique, making the bags one-of-a-kind. What will you use yours for?

Fun fact: Did you know that Good Stuff founder, Vanessa, worked with EcoEquitable as part of her Master's capstone project? She is thrilled that things have come full-circle and that she is now able to support this amazing organization through her own small business.

Beeswax Wrap by Goldilocks Wraps

Goldilocks founder Amy Hall is an art historian and ocean lover who was able to combine both her passions in Goldilocks Wraps. After volunteering with a shark conservation program in the South Pacific, she was devastated by the ocean plastics problem globally. This compelled her to start her journey towards zero waste which, in turn, inspired her to start her ever-growing business.

Each reusable beeswax wrap is made individually by hand in small batches. From the washing and cutting of the cotton, to waxing piece by piece, to folding and packaging, all of the work is done in-house. Each wrap is held to the highest of quality standards and infused with an extra dose of love (of course!).

Did you know that the average person uses over 2000 square feet of plastic every year? While the main goal of Goldilocks Wraps is to help reduce individual plastic use to zero, one of the added bonuses of their wraps is that they will actually keep your food fresh for longer! (Yes, you heard that right!). They’re better for the environment, and better for your wallet by saving food: It’s a win-win.

Our September Boxes will feature these fabulous wraps in a variety of patterns. Which one will you get? Show us by tagging us on Instagram (@goodstuffsubbox + @goldilockswraps) and using the hashtag #goodstuffselfie

Bamboo Toothbrush by Brush Naked

The idea for the Brush Naked Bamboo Toothbrush Company was born in a hotel room. The founder of Brush naked had finished brushing their teeth and looked at their toothbrush. It had seen better days, so they threw it in the garbage can. As it hit the bottom of the can they thought to themselves, "What a waste! There has to be a better way to prevent hundreds of millions of non-recyclable plastic toothbrushes ending up in landfills every year." 

After doing some research online, they found that the options for environmentally friendly toothbrushes were extremely limited. They decided to do something about that problem, and thus the Brush Naked Bamboo Toothbrush Company was born.

Brush Naked believes in sustainable living. They encourage everyone to not only practice the 3 Rs, but to reinforce that the first R is reduce. Recycling is meant to be a last resort, used only when we are no longer able to reduce or reuse.

Brush Naked toothbrushes are made in China from moso bamboo, and their boxes are made, printed, and assembled in British Columbia.

We've selected the Activated Charcoal toothbrush as our feature product for the September Good Stuff Box. Binchotan charcoal-infused nylon bristles are known to absorb chemicals such as chlorine from tap water. The charcoal works by acting like a magnet for plaque and tannins that may stain teeth. A whiter smile and a reduced environmental impact? What's not to love?

Real Food Bars by Made with Local

Made with Local was born out of a need for healthy, yet still tasty snack options for busy mamas and their kids. Their mission? To create a nourishing snack that was made with real, simple ingredients AND actually tasted amazing. And we can happily say that they've succeeded in this mission. Their bars are absolutely delicious!

In the beginning, each and every bar was baked with love by the two founders. Two years down the road, they both had growing families and decided it was time to recruit some baking help to keep up with all of the demand. The way they saw it, they had two options: 1) Mass production, or 2) Team up with the community. 

They decided to go with option 2, teaming up with a local social enterprise known as the Flowercart Group - a supportive workplace program for folks facing barriers to mainstream employment. 

Since then, they’ve welcomed a second social enterprise into their production family, with the Dartmouth Adult Services Centre in Nova Scotia climbing aboard in 2016, and the Made with Local business has been growing ever since.

We're thrilled to offer an assortment of their Real Food Bars in our September Good Stuff Box. What flavour will you get?

Deodorant Mini by routine. 

routine's effectiveness and commitment to maintain a deep connection to local community has resulted in a word of mouth, sought-after product with a loyal fan following. Ethically crafted with the health of the planet as priority, routine was created by sisters Neige and Pippa at the base of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Calgary

routine. contains only clean, wholesome ingredients. No nasty aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, triclosan, or propylene glycol because... why would it?

routine is applied with clean fingers (or a tiny, clean spoon if you'd prefer). routine wants you to love up your armpits! It's okay to touch them- they're a part of you and you're beautiful! Your armpits don't want to be a source of shame anymore! They want to be included and sit at the cool table and be a part of your club!

Tested on friends, never animals, routine. is and will always be manufactured in Canada.

September Good Stuff Box recipients will receive a mini version of routine's fabulous cream deodorant in their box - scents will be assorted. Be sure to snap a photo and post it to Instagram using #goodstuffselfie to let us know what you think of the scent you received


Face Mask by Balm Girls

Balm Girls is a small business run by two sisters, Jacki and Jerrica. They started in 2016 after learning how to make lip balms in a compounding course. At their first farmers market in 2016, they had a small selection of about 4 different lip balm flavours. As time went on, they continued to develop new scents for their lip balms and come out with their aromatherapy balms and bug bite balms. After completing their first year of summer markets, they decided to continue their expansion. In the winter of 2016, they came out with their first body butter, and continue to develop new products in their spare time.

At BalmGirls, everything is handmade in small batches, and each product is carefully crafted using natural ingredients.

We are thrilled to feature their face masks in our September Good Stuff Box.

Beeswax Tealight by Honey Candles

Honey Candles is a proud Canadian company that is family owned and operated. With a small staff of skilled employees, they have been perfecting their craft for over 20 years and are a leading choice for premium handmade 100% pure beeswax candles.

The current owners, Alecia and Stephen, purchased the business from Alecia’s parents in 2016 and have grown the business while maintaining the highest quality standards for both the raw materials and finished products.

At Honey Candles, they support small business by purchasing supplies locally whenever possible. Their beeswax is sourced from apiaries in Western Canada, and most of their packaging and displays are made in British Columbia using recycled materials.

Beeswax candles have long been coveted for their inherent honey scent and naturally long burning qualities. Honey Candles pride themselves on making beautiful candles that you can be proud to own and burn.


% off coupon from Ever Bamboo

Ever Bamboo is on a mission to make the world a little less stinky, by raising awareness about bamboo charcoal as an alternative to many 'air freshener' products currently on the market, and to revolutionize how we think about 'stink'.

They are passionate about creating safer, healthier, and more sustainable odour-battling options. And they love to use humour to deal with life's 'stinky' stuff. They've even been featured on The View as one of Whoopi Goldberg's favourite things. 

We're happy to offer Good Stuff customers an exclusive discount off any product from their website lineup. Click the link above to read more and to shop their products.


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