What IS Bird-Friendly Coffee?

If you've spent any time perusing our Build Your Own Box Collection, you may have noticed that we have a coffee in there that is labelled 'bird-friendly', and you might be wondering... what the heck does that even mean? Well, we're hoping that today's blog post might help shed some light on this interesting label.

Certified Bird-Friendly, Balzac's Atwood Blend coffee is a smooth and satisfying brew you're sure to love. The Ontario-based coffee chain partnered with Canada's own Margaret Atwood as well as the Smithsonian Institute to create a fabulous coffee blend specifically designed to protect birds and other wildlife. But how exactly does that work?

Bird-Friendly coffee is grown on farms that use a combination of foliage cover, tree height and biodiversity to provide quality habitat for birds and other wildlife. These biodiverse habitats are often destroyed to make way for conventional coffee growing, but the Smithsonian Institute seeks to change that with their Bird-Friendly certification program. In fact, their certification is independently considered to be the best guarantee of environmentally-sound, sustainably-grown coffee farming that currently exists. How great is that? Talk about good stuff 😉

In addition to being certified Bird-Friendly, Balzac's Atwood Blend also helps raise funds and awareness for Canada’s Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO). Situated in the western end of Lake Erie, PIBO is a non profit organization devoted to the study & conservation of migratory birds. PIBO’s purpose is to collect and disseminate data that will help understand changes taking place in the populations of migratory birds. One dollar of the proceeds from each bag of Atwood Blend sold is donated to Pelee Island Bird Observatory. 

To learn more about Balzac's partnership with Margaret Atwood & PIBO, please visit www.atwoodblend.com.

To order your own bag of Bird-Friendly coffee, check out our Build Your Own Box Collection here.

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