Build Your Own Box

Interested in trying some of our customer favourites of 2019? Want to build a custom Good Stuff Box for yourself or a loved one? Look no further than our 'Build Your Own' collection, a selection of some of our best products of 2019, now available for purchase without a subscription. 

Try one. Try them all. Stock up on your favourites. This is your opportunity to build a Good Stuff Box exactly the way you want it. We recommend choosing between 4-6 items for a well-rounded box, but feel free to choose however many items you'd like from the collection below.

As an introductory special, every 'Build Your Own' Good Stuff Box will come with a FREE gift. Choose between a green tea face mask from our friends at Balm Girls, a beeswax tealight from our friends at Honey Candles, or a sample of delicious baru seeds from our friends at Baru Baron. Please find the 'FREE GIFT' item and add one of the items to your cart before proceeding to checkout.