Mini Bamboo Deodorizers + Dehumidifiers

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During a leisure trip to Asia in 2006, Ever Bamboo founder, KB, came across a bamboo charcoal odour neutralizer & dehumidifier in a store. Intrigued, he researched further about bamboo charcoal and its benefits. Through his research, he learned that bamboo charcoal is natural, sustainable, reusable, and recyclable. Combined with its eco-friendly attributes, it also absorbs excess moisture while neutralizing odour which led him to wonder, Conventional air fresheners are often chemical-filled and toxic, masking odours instead of eliminating them. Wouldn't this odour neutralizer solve many stinky problems in North America?. And with that, Ever Bamboo was born.

Ever Bamboo's mini deodorizer + dehumidifiers are perfect for gym bags, lockers, luggage, coolers, or any other small spaces where odour or humidity are of concern. With proper care, these minis will last for up to a year, at which point they can be cut open and mixed into garden soil to help regulate moisture.