Sarjesa Prairie Wilds Tea

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Real Canadian tea, supporting real Canadian women.

At Sarjesa, they believe in the power of simple, flavourful, and recognizable ingredients. They believe that we, as Canadians, have the ability to affect change through our everyday actions and purchases. That's why 20% of profits from each box of their tea sold are donated to impactful violence prevention programs for women in crisis. They believe that everyone benefits when women are supported, respected and empowered; and they know that you do, too.

Working with Elders and community members, their blends are beautifully crafted in conversation with the land around them, and contain no hidden preservatives, additives, human exploitation, or trickery. Any ingredient that they don’t source locally comes from certified fair trade and organic farms. Their teabags are made from compostable paper, and their packaging is recyclable, emphasizing their belief that the planet is just as important as the people they serve.

Sarjesa's Prairie Wilds tea is made entirely with plants that can be found in Alberta’s vast expanse of prairie grass. This blend of sage and peppermint with subtle hints of rose will remind you to pause, step back, and reconnect with the local lands we all love.