Vancouver Island Salt Co - Orange & Lime

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Vancouver Island Salt Co. salts are hand-harvested with care from the cold, clear waters of British Columbia, and handcrafted in small batches. All flavours are truly unrefined and made with all natural ingredients. It's the happy harmony of Mother Nature & the tides, respectful harvesting, & artisanal craftsmanship.

The Orange & Lime sea salt featured in the Welcome Box is a favourite finishing salt on seafood, salads and pork, this flavour infusion works great as a cocktail rimmer for margaritas and Caesars, too, and will have you dreaming of warmer weather in no time! Fresh orange and lime zest infuse this gourmet sea salt with citrusy flavour notes. We think it's particularly great on salmon and chargrilled vegetables like asparagus and broccoli. Sprinkle this salt on quick pickles and ceviche for a great flavour boost! Also a great go-to salt for salsa verde.

Using Vancouver Island Salt Co. sea salts for your home cooking or as a finishing salt can give you peace of mind knowing that this sea salt is unrefined and contains over 30 trace minerals that are naturally-occurring in the Pacific Ocean waters it is harvested from. Great care for the environment and sustainability also guide the people who harvest and package your sea salt. Check out their YouTube channel here to learn more about their harvesting methods.

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