About Us

Our History – Where did We Come From?

Good Stuff was actually the brain-child of its founder’s mother, who had purchased similar subscription plans for Christmas gift-giving one year, and saw no reason why her daughter couldn't create her own version, adding her own ethical and Canadian flair to the mix. With a great deal of encouragement, time, tea, and snacks, Good Stuff was born in 2018 and its founder has never looked back.

Mission – Why Are We Here?

Good Stuff is committed to Canadian consumers who want to make the world a better place, and believe their purchases can contribute to this wish. Each and every product included in a Good Stuff box is created by innovative companies working in Canada, and is specially designed to do good in the world, giving back to the global community. All participating companies have a charity partner and/or a cause-focused mission, and are working hard to have a positive impact on major social or environmental concerns.

Good Stuff exists to provide customers with a premium subscription service that they can feel proud to be a part of. Customers can feel good knowing that the brands behind the socially- and environmentally-conscious lifestyle products they are receiving are working hard to do good and create a positive impact.

To reinforce our commitment to responsible business practices, we have joined the impak network: a community of impak'tors that plan to make a positive impact through every act of consumption. You can find out more about their work and join the network for yourself here.

Vision – Where Are We Going?

Good Stuff connects customers with like-minded businesses and other consumers who share their values and desire to make the world a little bit better through small, everyday actions. Good Stuff is not just a subscription service, but also a social network of Canadian change-makers. We strive to become a brand leader in socially- and environmentally-conscious living, and to work with partner charities to give back and reinvest our profits to do even more good.