Our Charity Partners

Here at Good Stuff, we're passionate about doing good and giving back. This is why we've dedicated ourselves to supporting our charity partners through regular donations. Find out more about our current and past partners here.

2020 Partner

New for 2020, we've decided to change up our charitable giving model to include automatic donations with every Good Stuff Box purchase. For every Good Stuff Box sold in 2020, we will make a donation to our friends at One Tree Planted, who will then plant a tree on our behalf. Read more about this partnership on our Green Initiatives page.

2019 (Year 1) Partners

image of young girl from ZLT Hope Home dancing, wearing pink sweater with a cartoon animal's face on the front, overlayed with the words ZLT Hope Homes

Partner 1 - Zawadi La Tumaini (ZLT Hope Home)

Zawadi La Tumaini (ZLT) is a children's home in Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded in 2013, and now provides a home to 27 children from all backgrounds.

Their mission is to provide a loving home to orphaned and abandoned children, and to those rescued from childhood sexual abuse. They believe in providing their children with proper nutrition, education, and health care in a holistic environment that builds strong family bonds. Their goal is to raise their children to become responsible and dignified adults, with core values that will empower them to be successful and contributing members of society. 

In 2019, ZLT is expanding its operations to provide rescue and a safe home environment to children who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 

Good Stuff is proud to work with ZLT as our first ever charity partner. All proceeds from the sale of Good Stuff stickers between January 1 and March 31, 2019 will go directly towards ZLT to help them continue to make a difference in the lives of the children in their care. 

Find out more about ZLT by going to their website: http://www.zlthope.org/


Partner 2 - The Elgin St. Mission

image of Elgin Street Mission logo on white sign on brick wall near doorbell for the back door of The Mission

Founded in 1989, The Elgin St. Mission ('The Mission') has seen continued growth in service and favour within its Sudbury, ON community as it provides physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment to all who enter its doors.

A non-profit, non-political registered charity, The Mission is funded by donations from individuals, businesses, and other organizations. It does not receive any regular government or city funding, but functions through the generosity of its community partners. This support enables them to offer all their services free of charge to their patrons.

The Mission provides two meals a day (breakfast & supper - with their neighbour, The Blue Door Soup Kitchen providing lunches) each day of the year, working out to roughly 90,000 meals yearly. They offer a free clothing room, showers, laundry facilities, and a safe refuge for those in need. Individuals and families can also access counselling services, spiritual development and/or referrals in a non-judgemental community atmosphere, at their own discretion.

The Mission exists to serve everyone in their community, regardless of ethnicity, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, or social condition. They believe strongly that no one should be left behind.

Good Stuff is proud to work with The Mission as our second charity partner of 2019. All proceeds from the sale of Good Stuff stickers between April 1 and June 30, 2019 will go directly to The Mission to help them continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need. 

Fun fact - our founder, Vanessa, has been volunteering at The Mission since 2011, serving on a regular weekly crew while she was living in Sudbury and now returning roughly once a month to help serve the suppertime meal. She has made many friends and has seen first-hand the good work being done there. She is proud to be able to partner with and support The Mission through her business.


Partner 3 - The Get REAL Movement

Get REAL was founded in 2011, inspired by the team's experiences volunteering in the 'Welcome Week' program at Western University. As older mentors to hundreds of students each year, they began noticing that they were having success talking to  first year students about derogatory (homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc.) language, and creating a safe space for marginalized students who were looking to express themselves safely.

The reason was in their approach: they were close in age, friendly, non-judgemental, and personal. They often opened up about our own lives to build a genuine, honest, human connection... and it worked. They saw countless students changing their language within days, and countless others coming out to them and feeling more comfortable being themselves. 

Since then, Get REAL has evolved in amazing ways that the team simply couldn't have imagined. They have spoken to over 250,000 students in 8 provinces and 3 states, they have a core full-time staff based in Toronto, and have been featured on Global News, CTV, Much Music, and the National Post. They have university chapters and high school after-school programs that they are proud of, made up of creative, courageous, and hard-working young people across the country. Their videos and curriculum pieces are used by teachers from Canada to the UK to Australia, and their clothing line REAL Apparel is worn by supporters and customers from around the world. Most importantly, they have seen the results they had hoped would translate, in the middle schools, high schools, summer camps, and companies they've worked with. 

Good Stuff was proud to work with Get REAL as our third charity partner of 2019.

Partner 4 - The David Suzuki Foundation

One nature.

We are nature. All people, and all species.

We are interconnected with nature, and with each other. What we do to the planet and its living creatures, we do to ourselves.

This is the fundamental truth guiding the work of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Founded in 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation is a national, bilingual non-profit organization headquartered in Vancouver, with offices in Toronto and Montreal.

Through evidence-based research, education and policy analysis, they work to conserve and protect the natural environment, and help create a sustainable Canada. They regularly collaborate with non-profit and community organizations, all levels of government, businesses and individuals.

Their mission is to protect nature’s diversity and the well-being of all life, now and for the future. Their vision is that we all act every day on the understanding that we are one with nature.

Always grounded in sound evidence, they empower people to take action in their communities on the environmental challenges we collectively face.

Good Stuff is proud to work with the David Suzuki Foundation, particularly in light of the recent growth in awareness and support for climate justice advocacy worldwide. The foundation will receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Good Stuff stickers until December 31, 2019.