Made with Local Bars

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Made with Local was born out of a need for healthy, yet still tasty snack options for busy mamas and their kids. Their mission? To create a nourishing snack that was made with real, simple ingredients AND actually tasted amazing. And we can happily say that they've succeeded in this mission. Their bars are absolutely delicious!

In the beginning, each and every bar was baked with love by the two founders. Two years down the road, they both had growing families and decided it was time to recruit some baking help to keep up with all of the demand. The way they saw it, they had two options: 1) Mass production, or 2) Team up with the community. 

They decided to go with option 2, teaming up with a local social enterprise known as the Flowercart Group - a supportive workplace program for folks facing barriers to mainstream employment. 

Since then, they’ve welcomed a second social enterprise into their production family, with the Dartmouth Adult Services Centre in Nova Scotia climbing aboard in 2016, and the Made with Local business has been growing ever since.